Let’s take LiveView through the 7 GUI tasks!

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Beginner, Intermediate


German is an independent software developer and product consultant. He loves Elixir’s functional style, but he loves the power of the BEAM even more. He tries to share what he learns with the community through writing and courses. You can find out more about him (and even work with him) at https://www.germanvelasco.com/

Talk Description

If you like to see what LiveView can do, join me as we walk through 7 tasks that represent typical challenges in GUI programming. Each task will teach us something about programming in LiveView.

If you’ve never seen LiveView, this talk will touch on the basics. But we’ll also progress to more complex topics as the tasks get harder.

In the end, you will walk away with a good understanding of what LiveView has to offer. And if you like to learn by example, join me in completing the 7 tasks on your own!

German Velasco
German Velasco