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Simon de Haan is a co-founder of Turn.io and serial CTO.

Simon cares deeply about improving society, and the lives of those most vulnerable in it, through mobile technologies and entrepreneurship.

He has spent the last 15 years leading teams, designing, building, and launching programmes at scale that positively impact peoples’ lives.

Whether it was maternal health programmes across Africa, election registration programmes in Libya, supporting the UNHCR and Care International in international refugee and humanitarian relief, or building the world’s first WhatsApp based COVID response programmes for the WHO and governments around the world; the common thread has always been ensuring that the world’s best technologies are used to serve those most in need.

After a decade of working together at Praekelt.org, reaching 100 million people across Africa, Simon and Gustav established Turn.io with a vision to make effective human support accessible to vulnerable people everywhere.

Turn.io offers a Software-as-a-Service product which encourages and enables organisations to amplify their impact through chat.

Talk Description

Over the last few years, we’ve learned and proven that Elixir scales. We’ve spoken at length about the work we’ve done to amplify the impact delivered by the WHO, Ukraine State Emergency Services, the UNHCR, and various health and humanitarian organisations around the world through the world’s largest private and secure chat services offered via the WhatsApp Business API.

The next phase is about helping these organisations deliver impact.

Inspired by the original ideas in Hypercard and the incredible work done in Livebook, we’ve developed an Elixir based domain specific language using the Elixir parser and Nimble Parsec which is explicitly designed to help social impact organisations amplify their work through chat.

Like Hypercard and Livebook, it creates a low barrier authoring environment for creative exploration with immediate feedback, creating an immediate connection between the author and their creative work. Allowing authors to stumble into, develop and iterate on, ideas that domain experts would likely consider prohibitively challenging and steer away from.

This language allows us to describe impact services that are evidence based and replicable. Allowing impact organisations to build on proven successes, amplifying their social impact globally and sharing their results.

We’ll be sharing our learnings about the technical development of this language and the results of launching services expressed in this language in Ukraine and other places globally.

Simon de Haan
Simon de Haan