Let's talk to Industrial devices with Elixir & Nerves

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I’m an Embedded Systems Engineer at Valiot, where I daily do what I like, making hardware to work by digging as much as possible to know the problem until it reaches the bare metal. Basically, I’m part of the hardware & software design team; specifically in the design of the Edge device. Prior to joining Valiot, I worked in different Startups by designing embedded systems for intelligent lighting equipment and before this, it was my bioengineering phase, where I was involved with biological signal processing for the development of brain-machine interfaces.

Talk Description

A look inside a common problem for startups when developing products focused on industrial environment: how to interact with industrial devices.

First, we will discuss the problem along with a brief introduction to industrial communication protocols, covering their importance and features. Then, we will talk about our experience and workflow for adopting such industrial protocols in Elixir, focusing particularly on Modbus TCP and OPC UA with a demo. Finally, we will cover the state of the art of open source projects that support several Industrial protocols, as well as future work.

Aldebaran Alonso
Aldebaran Alonso