Using Livebook to Teach Elixir

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


I’m Brooklin Myers, a technical content creator with experience in the tech industry as a web and mobile developer. I’m the Elixir Instructor at DockYard Academy and the host of the Elixir Newbie podcast.

Talk Description

Livebook allows you to create interactive code notebooks often used for teaching, documentation, and rapid prototyping.

With this talk, you will come away with the lessons learned from creating an academy curriculum with Livebook. While focused on education, there will be applications for onboarding developers, teaching teams, documenting open-source projects, and more.

You will learn how to:

  • Create effective teaching material.
  • Create interactive code examples, exercises, and executable tests.
  • Organize a large Livebook project with an index.
  • Display visuals, including animations, charts, diagrams, images, and tables.
  • Connect a Mix project and external dependencies to a Livebook notebook.
  • Use Livebook as a convenient alternative to the IEx shell.