Serverless to Serving Elixir: Migrating Serverless app to run on Phoenix

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Beginner, Intermediate


By day Erik is a professional Ruby on Rails full stack developer. But by night he moonlights as a Microsoft MVP, and Elixir developer for all of us passions projects. He loves helping and mentoring others and channeled that into online content creation on Twitch where he show cases all his development work.

Talk Description

Problem: Increasing productivity, affordability, scalability, and even less coding (gasp!) are the goals for any web application. Add on top unpredictable server traffic, then a solution you might consider is going serverless and throwing in one of those nifty NoSQL database solutions. Easy enough, but at what cost? You can unintentionally suffer vendor lock-in, deal with cold starts, architect your application improperly, and miscalculate cost structure at scale. But there is an even better solution you might want to consider, Elixir. Elixir and Pheonix can help developers solve all these technical challenges, allowing you to focus on the end-user experience.

Purpose: “Serverless to Serving Elixir: Migrating Serverless app to run on Phoenix” will demonstrate why migrating Elixir can solve all the same issues your serverless application would, make it faster, avoid vendor lock-in, and help future-proof your application. Maybe even have you second-guess if you ever need to go serverless again.

Live Demo/ Walkthru: In preparation for this talk, I will guide conference attendees through the libraries and strategies to take NodeJS Serverless applications using Firebase Firestore and migrate them to a single Phoenix application and Postgres database with no downtime.