Self Taught to First Job!

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Kimberly Johnson is a Backend Engineer at TravelPass Group. Upon graduating in Family Life from Brigham Young University, she began to dive deeper into learning Elixir and eventually landed her first job with TravelPass Group.

Talk Description

How I dove into the community and got my first job as a self-taught software engineer; how TravelPass Group has helped facilitate growth.

The role of character - grit, passion, hard work and exuberance are key!

The role of tutorials - Pragmatic Studio,, YouTube, and Books/Online - THANK YOU.

The role of mentors - Bruce Tate, John Cotton, Jeffrey Matthias, Sophie Benedetto, Brett Wise, Adi Iyengar, and Jon Forsyth - THANK YOU.

The role of TravelPass Group - A company that was willing to take a chance on me, how they have created a culture to help new engineers succeed - THANK YOU.

Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson