Make a Soundcloud like app in a week and make it fit in a seven dollar box

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Beginner, Intermediate


Just another developer with 15 years of Rails experience who had made the shift to Elixir.

Talk Description

This talk will be about the development of an open-source audio streaming platform (like Soundcloud). I will talk about why I’ve chosen Elixir and how I’ve put into the mix my previous work on some ported Rails framework gems (active_storage and active_job). This is the sequel of my talk given recently at ElixirconfEU 2022 titled “porting a Rails app to Elixir in two months,” and I will show some things regarding the LiveView uploads, streaming files from controllers to a cloud bucket with byte-range support, and some thoughts on the Elixir community here in Chile which is growing and helping to build this platform collectively.