Keeping your IoT fleet afloat with Sink

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Mike started his career designing power and safety systems for weather balloons but then got distracted by a few mobile, health, and IoT startups. He’s happy to return to his roots building reliable devices that can handle challenging conditions

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Elixir and Nerves let you build and launch IoT systems in record time, but you’ve still got the vast sea of the internet between you and your devices. At SparkMeter we run servers that tell embedded devices how to do things and embedded devices that tell servers what they did. All of this needs to happen throughout normal development cycles, unreliable power and network connections, and hardware (and humans) that always seems to surprise you. This talk explores some of these challenges, some of the options to work through them, and some of the ideas behind SparkMeter’s event based communication solution, Sink.

Mike Waud
Mike Waud