To MVP and beyond, a year in LiveView

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Miki Rezentes currently works as a Principal Engineer with She’s been part of seven startups and seen more than her share of the chaos. Her years as a software engineer were preceded by decades of being a homeschool mom to her 5 kids. When Miki isn’t working there is a good chance she is at a rink on 8 wheels. For your own good, don’t bring up skating to her unless you are prepared for a long and lively conversation.

Talk Description

TLDR; This talk could save you weeks of time

This talk covers challenges faced and lessons learned while taking a product from mix to MVP. Why did we use LiveView? What type of paradigm shift did I have to go through? How did I help my team with the paradigm shift? What strategies did I use to conquer some of the challenges? What feedback have we gotten from users? The answer to these and many more questions are found in this talk.

Miki Rezentes
Miki Rezentes