Livebook smart cells are amazing

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Beginner, Intermediate


Over the course of his tech career Stephen Ball has written perl to integrate library records, PHP to maintain a database of computers (with a defragmenting IP address space view!), Ruby to transform data, Rails to port phone numbers and send simulated phishing emails, Elixir to send real-time payments data to/from Kafka, NodeJS to interact with endpoint data, Go to write sharp command line tools, and shellscripts to tie everything together. Stephen Ball is a Staff R&D Engineer at Tanium where he’s worked for the last five years. He lives in Durham, NC with his wife and three children.

Talk Description

In May 2022 Livebook 0.6 introduced smart cells. These are units of abstraction to wrap complex code in a simple user interface which means we can make a lot of amazing things happen behind the scenes while presenting users with a smart workflow. In this talk we’ll go from Livebook itself to smart cells that pull complex data from APIs to feed into other smart cells for analysis.